ADSL promotion: R9.50 per GB

Afrihost today launched their latest ADSL offerings – 50 GB and 100 GB data bundles.  The price for these high usage data packages has been reduced by 34%, and the ISP is further doubling subscribers’ data allowances until ‘at least the 31st of May’.

The standard price for the 50 GB package is R950 per month while the 100GB package costs R1900 per month, equating to R19.50 per GB.  The doubling of  the data allowances –effectively making the packages 100 GB and 200 GB in size – means that the effective per-GB price decreases to R9.50/GB. 

“The end result is that you’ll only pay R9.50 per GB if you sign up for this limited offer,” said Afrihost CEO Gian Visser.  Visser however pointed out that they are limiting subscriptions to 500 and it will be handed out on a first come first serve basis.

“We are looking for clients who want to move a ton of traffic and want to do so at the cheapest per GB international bandwidth offered in South Africa,” explains Visser.  “We are selling these packages at well below our cost in an attempt to increase our overall bandwidth usage. With this additional bandwidth usage we can then hopefully get bulk discounts and further our fight to lower consumer ADSL prices.”

Afrihost are hoping to be able to extend the ‘double your data’ offer beyond May, but they guarantee that even if the extra data offer falls away anyone who manages to sign up for the special will never pay more than R19 per GB for the duration of their account life.

Visser added that Afrihost strongly believes in rewarding loyal clients, and as such all existing customers on existing 50 GB or 100GB packages have automatically been converted to the special pricing structure.  These subscribers will also see their bandwidth allowances double next month.

Visser promised to keep any subscribers who sign up for the special updated over the next 3 months and will let them know if Afrihost is able to extend the extra GB allocation past the 31st of May.

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ADSL promotion: R9.50 per GB