Telkom 10 Mbps ADSL preparation

Recent developments within Telkom suggest that the company is set to upgrade its 4 Mbps ADSL lines to 10 Mbps and not 8 Mbps as previously planned.

While Telkom’s official position is that it is ‘in the process of assessing the results of trials conducted, and that the way forward will be determined by this assessment’, recent system upgrades within Telkom use 10 Mbps as the new “Fastest” broadband offering.

According to Telkom correspondence the company is looking into upgrading current 4 Mbps ADSL subscribers to ADSL synchronization rates of 10 Mbps, and this change is already reflecting in certain backend systems. 

Telkom would however not officially confirm or deny that it is planning 10 Mbps upgrades:  “As part of the constant upgrading of its network, Telkom is currently developing its systems to provision for faster ADSL services.  However, the exact speed and date of readiness for this upgrade has not been finalised as yet,” said Ajith Bridgraj, Telkom’s Senior Specialist for Media Relations.

ADSL upgrade time frames

Telkom CEO Reuben September previously said that he is keen to launch an 8 Mbps ADSL service as quickly as possible, adding that it will happen before the 2010 World Cup. 

Telkom Wholesale further said that they are looking at a possible March/April 2010 implementation date, but highlighted that it is dependent on network upgrades which are needed to support the higher speeds.

Telkom would again not say when the first ADSL speed upgrades are likely to start, merely indicating that the final dates have not yet been formalised.

Telkom 10 Mbps ADSL << discussion

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Telkom 10 Mbps ADSL preparation