Unshaped ADSL: R19 per GB

Axxess yesterday unveiled their latest ADSL services, with pricing starting as low as R19 per GB.  The company launched three new products:  ADSL Lite, ADSL Family and ADSL Pro.


According to Axxess ADSL Lite accounts are suitable for power users who need a fair amount of data without the bells and whistles which increases cost.

ADSL Lite provides unshaped bandwidth provisioned via SAT-3 fibre, promising better latency and stability than satellite based bandwidth. ADSL Lite accounts are standard monthly accounts where unused data is lost at the end of each month.

Pricing for Axxess’ ADSL Lite is R19 per GB on their current promotion – well below most other per-GB ADSL offerings in the market. 

ADSL Family

For ADSL users looking for additional add-ons to make it easier for subscribers to manage their broadband environment Axxess launched their Family and Pro offerings.

According to Axxess, ADSL Family accounts are aimed at home users who want the benefit of their ‘vIP Family DNS feature’. This feature gives users an alternative DNS that will block unwanted sites like pornography, phishing and malicious code sites.

Pricing for Axxess’ ADSL Family accounts, which provides unshaped bandwidth, is R39 per GB.


Axxess’ ADSL Pro accounts are aimed at home users and small businesses and includes a full suite of vIP Value Added Features.  This includes their family DNS service, vIP DNS, vIP lock, vIP secure and vIP Bulk SMS services.

Axxess’ ADSL Pro service, which also provides subscribers with unshaped ADSL data, is priced at R59 per GB.

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Unshaped ADSL: R19 per GB