DStv vs ADSL prices: 2002 – 2015

MultiChoice will increase the monthly subscription fees of most DStv bouquets on 1 April 2015, making its DStv Premium service more expensive than a 4Mbps uncapped ADSL connection for the first time.

Currently you can get uncapped 4Mbps ADSL (including analogue line rental, ADSL access, and the ADSL account) for R665 per month – the same price as DStv Premium, without PVR and XtraView access.

However, the cost of DStv Premium is set to go up to R699 per month, making it more expensive than an ADSL connection capable of streaming high-definition video without buffering.

The graph below shows how the prices of DStv Premium compare to the cost of ADSL access since Telkom first launched the service in 2002.

Telkom introduced its first 4Mbps ADSL product in 2006, which is why its line in the graph only starts there.

DStv Premium vs cost of ADSL access - 2002-2015
DStv Premium vs cost of ADSL access — 2002-2015

Another factor that should be considered when comparing prices over time is inflation.

MultiChoice has long held that its annual increases are inflation-linked.

The graph below shows how the changes in the price of DStv Premium and ADSL compare to one another, and that year’s inflation.

It should be noted that while MultiChoice typically increases its prices on 1 April every year, Telkom’s price changes usually kick in annually on 1 August.

The mapping of the price changes to a specific year in the graph should therefore be seen as illustrative, and not completely accurate.

DStv Premium and ADSL price changes vs inflation - 2002-2015
DStv Premium and ADSL price changes vs inflation — 2002-2015

While the monthly cost of ADSL is now lower than DStv Premium, it’s worth noting that getting your entertainment over a 4Mbps uncapped ADSL connection is still not cheaper when you factor in the cost of a video on demand service.

Some entertainment options available on a broadband connection do not require a subscription, though.

With a fast broadband connection, consumers have access to a wide range of content: online radio, videos from services such as YouTube and Vimeo, social networking, adult content, news, and more.

Alternatively, many Internet users with flexible morals are downloading movies, TV series, and other content using BitTorrent – before the content reaches South Africa through DStv.

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DStv vs ADSL prices: 2002 – 2015