Bundled ADSL pricing comparison

Over the last few months many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have slashed the price of their bundled ADSL offerings which combine ADSL access and ADSL data charges.

There is clearly a strong move in the ADSL market to try to convince subscribers to move their ADSL access portion from Telkom to the ISP.  Some ISPs are even giving away free bandwidth when a subscriber buys their ADSL access from them rather than Telkom.

The strong focus from service providers to offer subscribers both ADSL access and ADSL data bundles is not surprising.  The convenience of a single ADSL bill – apart from the compulsory analogue line rental due to Telkom that is – means higher loyalty and a lower churn rate.

ADSL access is also another revenue stream for ADSL ISPs, and in an environment where the margin on ADSL data is diminishing fast it is wise to look at as many revenue streams as possible to ensure sustained income and profits.

Competition in the ADSL market is however stiff, and some ISPs have already started offering ADSL access and bundled ADSL services at below cost to gain market share.

Here are some of the more prominent bundled ADSL offerings in the market today. 

Bundled DSL384 services
ISP Usage Limit Price
Cybersmart 1GB R169
Web Africa 1GB R169 (R99 for first three months)
@lantic 1GB R189 (R139 for first 6 months)
Gamco 1GB R198
Telkom Do Broadband 1GB R199
Sainet 2GB R199
Nashua Broadband 2GB R199
Bundled DSL512 services
Telkom Do Broadband 3GB R258
Sainet 3GB R399
Cybersmart 3GB R429
Gamco 3GB R479
Nashua Broadband 3GB R489
@lantic 5GB R549
Bundled DSL 4 Mbps services
Web Africa 5GB R499
Sainet 5GB R539
Gamco 3GB R549
Telkom Do Broadband 5GB R554
@lantic 5GB R649
Nashua Broadband 5GB R699

Bundled ADSL services << do you know of any other good deals?

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Bundled ADSL pricing comparison