What to do if you are not getting the ADSL speed you are paying for

Some ADSL subscribers and Internet service providers are complaining that Telkom is billing them for ADSL access speeds which it cannot deliver.

When Telkom upgraded its ADSL clients from 2Mbps to 4Mbps and 4Mbps to 10Mbps in November 2013, not all users could receive the higher speeds.

After these upgrades took place, some subscribers noticed they were being billed for DSL access speeds which they did not receive.

These customers complained, and it was often found that the infrastructure did not support the higher speeds which they were billed for.

One ISP executive complained that despite the fact they could not receive the higher speeds, through no fault of their own, they would not be reimbursed for the period where they were billed for the higher speeds.

ISPs often had to take the knock. Apart from dealing with unhappy subscribers, ISPs also had to foot the bill for higher ADSL access services, even when Telkom was not able to deliver these higher speeds.

This caused anger among ADSL subscribers and ISPs, but it looks like they are fighting a losing battle.

MyBroadband has seen communications from Telkom which states that no refunds will be given in such cases.

If a client is unhappy with their speed, Telkom said in its communication, they always have the option to downgrade their line speed.

Telkom explains ADSL speed issues

Telkom’s head of communications Jacqui O’ Sullivan said the company rates the speed at the distribution point on its network.

“Based on this we offer customers a higher speed that they can subscribe to,” said O’ Sullivan.

“However, every ADSL line is unique depending on various factors that determine the speed the customer can receive.”

Factors which influence the speed include the distance from the distribution point to the house, connection into the house, drop wire, and incorrect connections.

She said ADSL clients are encouraged to advise Telkom if they are billed for a higher speed than they are receiving.

“Telkom would then investigate to assess whether factors affecting the speed can be rectified. If it cannot be rectified the customer will be downgraded to a 4Mbps or 2Mbps,” said O’ Sullivan.

Refunds for slower ADSL speeds

O’ Sullivan said ADSL customers are required to log a call by sending an email to [email protected] to request a rebate.

“Telkom would then conduct an investigation to ascertain the causes that affected the speed to the customer. Based on the findings Telkom would then offer a rebate to the customer.”

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What to do if you are not getting the ADSL speed you are paying for