Telkom cuts ADSL and FTTH prices

Telkom has reduced the pricing of its ADSL and fibre-to-the-home packages.

The company said its broadband bundles are now up to 15% cheaper, which follows a recent reduction in pricing of its LTE and LTE-Advanced offerings.

“The new Do Bundle prices start at R399 a month (reduced from R408 previously) for the Do Basic Bundle, which includes up to 2Mbps and 10GB soft cap, and goes up to R999 a month (reduced from R1 028) for the Do Elite Plus Bundle, which includes up to 40Mbps and a 100GB soft cap,” said Telkom.

The only exception is the price for the Do Elite product, which will increase by “about 1%” to R799 per month from 1 August.

Telkom customers who are currently subscribed to Do Bundles will also benefit from the price reductions.

All Do bundles also include free night surfer data between 12am and 7am, 3GB mailbox, and one email account with five aliases, said Telkom.

“When signing a 24-month contract (for a DSL service), a free Wi-Fi-enabled modem is included in the bundle. Line rental is also included in all the bundle pricing.”

Fibre prices slashed

Fibre prices now range from R699 per month for the 10Mbps, 50GB package, to R1,599 for the 100Mbps, 200GB package.

“All fibre bundles include free night surfer data between 12am and 7am, as well as a free Wi-Fi-enabled modem, 3GB mailbox, and one email account with five aliases.”

Telkom’s new broadband pricing, which takes effect from 1 July, is detailed in the tables below.


Telkom DSL Package Features Old Price New Price
Capped bundles (include analogue line rental)
do Basic 10GB, up to 2Mbps R408 * R399
do Advanced 20GB, up to 4Mbps R584 * R549
do Premium 50GB, up to 10Mbps R699 R699
do Elite 50GB, up to 20Mbps R790 * R799
do Elite Plus 100GB, up to 40Mbps R1,028 * R999
Uncapped bundles (exclude analogue line rental)
do Uncapped Basic Up to 2Mbps R394 R394
do Uncapped Advance Up to 4Mbps R585 R585
do Uncapped Premium Plus Up to 10Mbps R999 R999
do Uncapped Elite Up to 20Mbps R1,598 R1,598
do Uncapped Elite Plus Up to 40Mbps R2,398 R2,398
* Previously, most bundles excluded analogue line rental. New prices for “Do” capped bundles include line rental – R189 added to old prices to make comparison accurate.
Uncapped bundles remain unchanged, and still exclude analogue line rental.


It should be noted that all fibre packages are only available on a 24-month contract.

Telkom FTTH Packages Old Price New Price
10Mbps, 50GB softcap R699 R699
20Mbps, 50GB softcap R999 R849
40Mbps, 100GB softcap R1,299 R1,099
100Mbps, 200GB softcap R1,799 R1,599

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Telkom cuts ADSL and FTTH prices