First ever ADSL products in South Africa for under R100 per month

Afrihost and Axxess have unveiled their 1Mbps ADSL products, with prices dipping to levels never seen before in South Africa.

These new products follow Telkom Wholesale’s launch of additional ADSL speed offerings: 1Mbps and 8Mbps.

Axxess was the first ISP to unveil its retail access pricing for the 1Mbps and 8Mbps ADSL products – R55 and R355 per month respectively.

Afrihost followed suit, at R59 per month for a 1Mbps ADSL line and R369 per month for an 8Mbps service.

The table below provides an overview of Afrihost’s and Axxess’s new 1Mbps and 8Mbps ADSL products.

It should be noted that Telkom’s compulsory analogue line rental charge of R189 per month is not included in the prices below.

New 1Mbps and 8Mbps ADSL products
ISP ADSL speed Data Monthly charge
ADSL access
Axxess 1Mbps None R55
Afrihost 1Mbps None R59
Axxess 8Mbps None R355
Afrihost 8Mbps None R369
Uncapped ADSL data-only accounts
Axxess 1Mbps Uncapped R195
Afrihost 1Mbps Uncapped R197
Axxess 8Mbps Uncapped R455
Afrihost 8Mbps Uncapped R697
Uncapped ADSL bundles (ADSL access and uncapped data)
Axxess 1Mbps Uncapped R249
Afrihost 1Mbps Uncapped R249
Axxess 8Mbps Uncapped R699
Afrihost 8Mbps Uncapped R797
Capped ADSL bundles (ADSL access and capped data)
Afrihost 1Mbps 20GB R93
Axxess 1Mbps 10GB R99
Axxess 8Mbps 50GB R509
Afrihost 8Mbps 100GB R548
Afrihost 8Mbps 300GB R908
Axxess 8Mbps 200GB R1,059

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First ever ADSL products in South Africa for under R100 per month