MWEB restores full international bandwidth capacity

The SEACOM submarine cable failure which started on Monday morning continues to influence international Internet access in South Africa.

SEACOM said in a press statement yesterday that the faulty section of the cable is at one of the deepest points along its route, some 4700m below sea level. This may require robotics to be deployed to locate and retrieve the cable so that repairs may be undertaken onboard the specialised repair ship, before replacing the cable back on the ocean floor.

SEACOM added that its technical team has identified the exact location of the fault and that the repair process has been fully mobilised.  “The specialised repair ship is being deployed but information on its whereabouts and the exact timeline of the repairs cannot be made available as the repair process is managed by the contractors. This is common practice in the industry.”

Furthermore, SEACOM said that it has successfully sourced and activated restoration capacity on other cable networks servicing eastern and southern Africa and will continue to work closely with all parties to ensure that restoration capacity is made available to additional clients requiring it.

MWEB at full capacity again

One of the worst hit ISPs in the country is MWEB which has been using significant capacity on the SEACOM system to serve its growing uncapped ADSL subscriber base.

Yesterday afternoon MWEB announced that it has been in discussions to secure additional capacity, and that their negotiations have resulted in access to ‘an alternative international cable’.  “While this does not meet our full demand, it is sufficient to cater for normal browsing to international sites including G-Mail, Google and Yahoo. Peer-2-Peer traffic however remains heavily shaped for now,” MWEB said.

Good news to MWEB subscribers is that their international bandwidth capacity should be fully restored.  In an official statement this morning the company said that “as of the very early hours on Friday morning we have restored all of our international bandwidth and we are running on full capacity once again.”

MWEB added that indications from SEACOM are that their cable will only be restored later next week. “In the interim, we now have full capacity split over two separate routes. Once again, thank you for your patience and support during this time,” MWEB concluded.

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MWEB restores full international bandwidth capacity