Best ADSL deals in South Africa – Capped and Uncapped

The price of entry-level uncapped ADSL came down recently, following the introduction of a 1Mbps DSL service by Telkom Wholesale.

Capped DSL packages have seen discounts too, with Vox and MWEB reducing the price of their large capped bundles in August.

DSL users who are looking for a new capped or uncapped package to suit their data needs, the table below details the best ADSL deals available in SA – ranked by speed (for uncapped accounts) and data cap size.

Best ADSL deals in SA
ISP Account Line Speed Price
MWEB Uncapped 1Mbps R79
OpenWeb Home Uncapped 1Mbps R99
Webafrica Uncapped 1Mbps R179
Axxess Uncapped 1Mbps R195
Afrihost Uncapped 1Mbps R197
Vox Telecom Home Uncapped 1Mbps R199
OpenWeb Home Uncapped 2Mbps R149
Cybersmart Home Uncapped 2Mbps R184
MWEB Uncapped 2Mbps R199
Webafrica Uncapped 2Mbps R199
Telkom Uncapped 2Mbps R229
Vox Telecom Home Uncapped 2Mbps R239
Axxess Uncapped 2Mbps R265
Afrihost Uncapped 2Mbps R297
MWEB Uncapped 4Mbps R239
OpenWeb Home Uncapped 4Mbps R249
Cybersmart Home Uncapped 4Mbps R280
Telkom Uncapped 4Mbps R286
Webafrica Uncapped 4Mbps R299
Axxess Uncapped 4Mbps R325
Vox Telecom Home Uncapped 4Mbps R359
Afrihost Uncapped 4Mbps R397
Cybersmart Home Uncapped 10Mbps R354
Vox Telecom Home Uncapped 10Mbps R399
OpenWeb Home Uncapped 10Mbps R399
Axxess Uncapped 10Mbps R495
Webafrica Uncapped 10Mbps R499
MWEB Uncapped 10Mbps R539
Telkom Uncapped 10Mbps R574
Afrihost Uncapped 10Mbps R797
ISP Account Capped Data Price
Axxess Capped 20GB R46
Afrihost Capped 20GB R49
Cybersmart Capped 20GB R134
MWEB Capped 20GB R145
Telkom SoftCap 20GB R149
Vox Telecom Fat Pipe 50GB R170
OpenWeb Capped Unshaped 50GB R185
MWEB Capped 50GB R199
Telkom SoftCap 50GB R269
Axxess Capped 100GB R189
Afrihost Capped 100GB R199
Vox Telecom Fat Pipe 100GB R328
OpenWeb Capped Unshaped 100GB R329
Cybersmart Capped 100GB R399
MWEB Capped 100GB R399
Telkom SoftCap 100GB R525
Axxess Capped 200GB R379
Afihost Capped 200GB R399
OpenWeb Capped Unshaped 200GB R589
Webafrica Capped 200GB R599
Vox Telecom Fat Pipe 200GB R639

Note: The table above only shows the monthly price of the data accounts. ADSL line access and analogue line fees are not included.

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Best ADSL deals in South Africa – Capped and Uncapped