Cheapest ever uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

Vox Telecom recently cut the prices of its uncapped ADSL data products.

The price reductions form part of the company’s drive to provide more value to customers, and includes a 1Mbps uncapped ADSL bundle – data and ADSL line access – for R99 per month.

This is the cheapest 1Mbps uncapped ADSL bundle price ever seen in South Africa.

The table below shows how Vox’s new uncapped ADSL offerings compare to competing products from other ISPs.

Uncapped ADSL prices
ISP ADSL data product Price p/m
MWEB 1Mbps Uncapped R79
Vox Telecom 1Mbps Uncapped R89
OpenWeb 1Mbps Uncapped R99
Webafrica 1Mbps Uncapped R179
Axxess 1Mbps Uncapped R195
Afrihost 1Mbps Uncapped R197
OpenWeb 2Mbps Uncapped R149
Vox Telecom 2Mbps Uncapped R169
Cybersmart 2Mbps Uncapped R195
CrystalWeb 2Mbps Uncapped R195
Webafrica 2Mbps Uncapped R199
MWEB 2Mbps Uncapped R199
Telkom 2Mbps Uncapped R229
Axxess 2Mbps Uncapped R265
Afrihost 2Mbps Uncapped R297
MWEB 4Mbps Uncapped R239
OpenWeb 4Mbps Uncapped R249
Telkom 4Mbps Uncapped R286
Vox Telecom 4Mbps Uncapped R289
Cybersmart 4Mbps Uncapped R295
CrystalWeb 4Mbps Uncapped R295
Webafrica 4Mbps Uncapped R299
Axxess 4Mbps Uncapped R325
Afrihost 4Mbps Uncapped R397
Cybersmart 10Mbps Uncapped R375
Vox Telecom 10Mbps Uncapped R389
OpenWeb 10Mbps Uncapped R399
Axxess 10Mbps Uncapped R495
CrystalWeb 10Mbps Uncapped R495
Webafrica 10Mbps Uncapped R499
MWEB 10Mbps Uncapped R539
Telkom 10Mbps Uncapped R574
Afrihost 10Mbps Uncapped R797
Uncapped ADSL bundles prices
ISP ADSL bundle Price p/m
Vox Telecom 1Mbps Uncapped R99
MWEB 1Mbps Uncapped R139
Webafrica 1Mbps Uncapped R234
Axxess 1Mbps Uncapped R249
Afrihost 1Mbps Uncapped R249
Vox Telecom 2Mbps Uncapped R289
MWEB 2Mbps Uncapped R339
CrystalWeb 2Mbps Uncapped R344
Cybersmart 2Mbps Uncapped R349
Webafrica 2Mbps Uncapped R349
Telkom 2Mbps Uncapped R394
Axxess 2Mbps Uncapped R396
Afrihost 2Mbps Uncapped R397
MWEB 4Mbps Uncapped R449
Vox Telecom 4Mbps Uncapped R459
Axxess 4Mbps Uncapped R499
CrystalWeb 4Mbps Uncapped R544
Webafrica 4Mbps Uncapped R549
Cybersmart 4Mbps Uncapped R579
Telkom 4Mbps Uncapped R585
Afrihost 4Mbps Uncapped R597
Vox Telecom 10Mbps Uncapped R699
Cybersmart 10Mbps Uncapped R779
Axxess 10Mbps Uncapped R799
CrystalWeb 10Mbps Uncapped R870
Afrihost 10Mbps Uncapped R897
MWEB 10Mbps Uncapped R899
Webafrica 10Mbps Uncapped R899
Telkom 10Mbps Uncapped R999
Note: The products above do not include analogue line rental costs.

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Cheapest ever uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa