Best ADSL deals in South Africa

Vox Telecom recently cut the prices of its Fat Pipe ADSL packages, and announced that customers will automatically be levelled up to the next highest data package.

“100GB customers, for example, will level up to the next available data bundle, for the same price they are currently paying. This will apply across the board,” said Vox.

Vox also introduced free unlimited data between midnight and 6am for Fat Pipe customers, along with new data rollover terms which sees data not used by a customer carry over to the next month.

“The maximum limit of unused data is equal to six times your current monthly cap.”

Crystal Web also recently cut its ADSL pricing, while increasing the data caps on selected products.

The ISP has added free unlimited Midnight Express data – midnight to 6am – to certain products, and lowered network contentions, it said.

The table below compares Vox Telecom and Crystal Web’s 100GB, 200GB, 300GB, and 400GB ADSL data accounts against the best prices offered by competing ISPs.

ADSL prices in South Africa
ISP ADSL data product Price p/m
Axxess 100GB R189
Afrihost 100GB R199
Vox Telecom 100GB R249
Telkom 100GB R269
Crystal Web 100GB R279
Axxess 200GB R379
Afrihost 200GB R399
Vox Telecom 200GB R489
Telkom 200GB R525
Crystal Web 225GB R549
Axxess 300GB R565
Afrihost 300GB R599
Vox Telecom 300GB R689
Crystal Web 325GB R799
Telkom 400GB R699
Afrihost 400GB R799
Vox Telecom 400GB R899
Crystal Web 425GB R949
Note: The products above are data-only packages, and do not include analogue line rental or ADSL access costs.

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Best ADSL deals in South Africa