Afrihost ADSL subscribers get a new network with “insanely-high performance levels”

Afrihost CEO Gian Visser has announced that the company will move its ADSL and VDSL clients to its new network this month.

This follows a trial run of it proof-of-concept DSL network – Afrgreen.

Afrihost said it has worked hard to ensure its new network performs “at the insanely-high level we set for ourselves”.

Visser said they made many changes to the network to ensure the great performance, which include:

  • Partnering with the best companies – including Echo and Three6Five – to build the best core network possible.
  • Making sure Afrihost had the best traffic management software and hardware, by buying the “best, latest, and most-expensive machines from Sandvine – a Canadian company whose products are used by the biggest ISPs in the world”.
  • Sandvine engineers from Canada flew to South Africa to help Afrihost optimise its network.
  • Inviting its clients to test its new network.

Visser said over 5,000 subscribers tested their network over the last few months, and that they tried out “every possible scenario”.

“We made thousands and thousands of tweaks and changes to ensure the network would give the best experience for our clients,” said Visser.

Visser said they are now ready, and will move their ADSL and VDSL subscribers to this network throughout October.

Visser added that there will be no disruptions to its subscribers during this move, and all clients will automatically be moved to the new network.

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Afrihost ADSL subscribers get a new network with “insanely-high performance levels”