Many ADSL subscribers never use their fixed-line phone service

MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey results shows that a large percentage of tech-savvy broadband users in South Africa never use their fixed-line phone service.

In SA, ADSL and VDSL users are forced to purchase an analogue phone service, also known as line rental, with their broadband service.

Telkom’s residential line rental is priced at R189 per month, while business customers pay R269 for a business landline.

Considering that users can purchase an uncapped ADSL bundle – which includes ADSL access and data – for under R100 per month, line rental significantly raises the total cost of a fixed broadband service.

The survey, which was completed by 3,444 IT professionals and tech-savvy broadband users, showed that 45% of surveyed ADSL subscribers do not use their fixed line telephone service.

This means these users pay for a service which they never use. The good news is that this may change in future.

Telkom said in September it was looking into offering DSL access which does not require users to pay for a telephone service.

Telkom’s managing director for wholesale services Prenesh Padayachee said that a “naked DSL” product is dependent on the outcome of its current analysis into the restructuring of its fixed-line costs.

“If, upon completion, the analysis proves favourable, we will still need to go through a series of pilot initiatives,” said Padayachee.

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Many ADSL subscribers never use their fixed-line phone service