Best ADSL bonus data deals in South Africa

Capped ADSL is a popular connectivity option among South African Internet users who have a rough idea how much data they will use on a monthly basis.

The benefits of capped ADSL, besides knowing how much data you have to use each month and how much it costs, is that Internet service providers typically do not shape or throttle capped accounts.

Capped accounts also benefit from bonus or free data when the ISP’s network is not busy – usually between midnight and 06:00.

We decided to examine the various capped ADSL accounts on offer by South Africa’s ISPs, detailing who offers what when it comes to bonus data benefits.

ADSL bonus data deals in SA

For the article, we looked at an ISP’s standard 100GB capped account – or the closest offer to the 100GB mark – and detailed what data benefits come with it.

The capped data allocation can be used at any time during the month, and depleted depending on what you view and download online.

The free additional data which ISPs offer, usually in the early hours of the morning, does not affect the standard cap’s data allocation.

OpenWeb – R329 per month

OpenWeb’s 100GB capped ADSL account sells for R329 per month, and offers unlimited data usage between midnight and 06:00 every day.

MWEB – R399 per month

MWEB offers capped clients free Night Time data and uncapped Wi-Fi at MWEB hotspots when they sign up.

The ISP’s 100GB ADSL account includes 100GB of night data for use between midnight and 06:00, with free access to MWEB’s Wi-Fi hotspots available to those who purchase a Fon-enabled router.

Price: R399 per month.

Webafrica – R299 per month

Webafrica’s capped ADSL accounts are advertised with night data included in the total data cap description.

Its 450GB account sells for R299 per month, and includes 90GB of anytime data and 360GB of data for use between midnight and 06:00.

Crystal Web – R279 per month

Crystal Web offers clients unlimited free Midnight Express data for use between midnight and 06:00 on its 100GB package – which costs R279 per month.

Afrihost – R199 per month

Afrihost does not offer bonus or after-hours data on its capped accounts, and instead sells them as “double data” products.

Its 100GB product is advertised as a 50GB + 50GB free data account, which sells for R199 per month.

Axxess – R189 per month

As with Afrihost, Axxess advertises its capped ADSL accounts as double data products.

Its 50GB account includes an additional 50GB of anytime data, and is priced at R189 per month.

Telkom Internet – R269 per month

Telkom’s capped ADSL accounts are SoftCap data products, which means that once your data limit is reached you are not cut off from the Internet. Instead, your line speed is slowed to a fraction of its capability.

Telkom is currently offering a double data special, too. A 50GB account receives an additional 50GB of anytime data, and includes unlimited free Night Surfer data between midnight and 07:00.

Price: R269 per month.

Cybersmart – R399 per month

Cybersmart’s capped ADSL packages come with a Night Rider add-on option, which gives users additional night time data for a small fee.

Its 100GB capped account costs R399 per month. By adding Night Rider for an additional R25 per month, users receive five times their data cap – 500GB in this case – for use between 00:30 and 07:00.

Note: Your ADSL line has to be managed by Cybersmart for you to be eligible for this deal.

Vox Telecom – R249 per month

Vox’s Fat Pipe capped packages do not offer bonus data, but unused data rolls over to the following month – for use at any time.

The data which rolls over does not have an expiry date, but a user cannot accumulate more than six times their monthly cap in total data.

If you have a 100GB account – which costs R249 per month – you can accumulate a total of 600GB, which can be used as long as you are subscribed to the service.

Free data between midnight and 06:00 every day is also included.

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Best ADSL bonus data deals in South Africa