Afrihost unveils new, cheaper uncapped ADSL products

Afrihost has introduced new uncapped ADSL and VDSL products at much lower prices than its previous uncapped products.

Afrihost’s new Home Uncapped service is an entry-level product aimed at subscribers with low data needs.

“It is for clients who don’t download a ton of data, but still want the peace of mind of a solid uncapped product where they know exactly what they will pay every month,” said Afrihost CEO Gian Visser.

“Our current Uncapped DSL packages are now called Premium Uncapped, and our Business Uncapped package name will remain unchanged,” he said.

  • Home Uncapped packages have monthly GB thresholds, after which a subscriber’s speeds could be subject to throttling if the network is busy. However, no matter what their total usage is, the Home Uncapped product will always get full speed at off peak times when the network is not constrained.
  • Premium Uncapped packages are not subject to throttling or monthly thresholds, and will enjoy full speed at all times. However, they may be subject to shaping of peer-to-peer downloads when the network is busy.
  • Business Uncapped packages are not subject to throttling, shaping, or monthly thresholds. They do, however, come with a user controllable feature via ClientZone to prioritise non-p2p traffic on their account to ensure business-critical services always get the highest priority.

The pricing of Afrihost’s new uncapped products is below.

Afrihost Uncapped DSL
Product Price p/m
Home Uncapped 1Mbps R97
Premium Uncapped 1Mbps R197
Business Uncapped 1Mbps R297
Home Uncapped 2Mbps R167
Premium Uncapped 2Mbps R297
Business Uncapped 2Mbps R397
Home Uncapped 4Mbps R237
Premium Uncapped 4Mbps R397
Business Uncapped 4Mbps R697
Home Uncapped 8Mbps R327
Premium Uncapped 8Mbps R597
Business Uncapped 8Mbps R897
Home Uncapped 10Mbps R367
Premium Uncapped 10Mbps R797
Business Uncapped 10Mbps R997
Home Uncapped 20Mbps R597
Premium Uncapped 20Mbps R979
Business Uncapped 20Mbps R1,897
Home Uncapped 40Mbps R987
Premium Uncapped 40Mbps R1,397
Business Uncapped 40Mbps R2,797

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Afrihost unveils new, cheaper uncapped ADSL products