MWEB uncapped ADSL claims are fine: ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) has dismissed complaints against MWEB’s uncapped ADSL advertising, saying that the ISP’s use of the term uncapped is fine.

Two consumers lodged complaints with the ASA, arguing that MWEB’s uncapped ADSL advertising is misleading, because it is accompanied by a “predetermined, yet undisclosed cap”.

MWEB responded, highlighting that the ASA has previously ruled that the use of the term uncapped in relation to its products was fine.

MWEB added that it has included a definition of the term “Uncapped” in its service terms, and a definition of the word “Throttle”.

It confirmed that it does not terminate an uncapped ADSL connection, but rather implements throttling once certain thresholds have been reached.

The ASA agreed with MWEB, saying that its use of the word “Uncapped” would not mislead consumers, or exploit their lack of understanding or credulity.

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MWEB uncapped ADSL claims are fine: ASA