Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month

In March 2010 MWEB stunned the local broadband market with their affordable uncapped ADSL offerings.  Priced from R210 per month for an uncapped 384 Kbps account, MWEB broke the mould of very expensive uncapped bandwidth in South Africa.

Since the launch of MWEB’s uncapped consumer offerings many other service providers launched competing offerings – typically prices slightly below MWEB’s pricing.

Axxess has now introduced another shift in pricing with the launch of their “Just Surf” Uncapped Internet Accounts, staring at R99 per month.

“In a radical and very exciting move to offer the average South African uncapped Internet, we decided to launch our new uncapped offerings dubbed ‘Just Surf’,” said Axxess director Franco Barbalich.

“The name pretty much sums the account up, as it is targeted to the user that merely wants unlimited internet surfing capabilities without having to be concerned about how many gigs they have used, or when they are going to hit their cap,” explains Barbalich.

Axxess’ new “Just Surf” Uncapped Internet Accounts are priced as follows:

  1. R99.00 per month 384Kbps
  2. R149.00 per month 512Kbps
  3. R249.00 per month 1024Kbps

“We have created a simple, affordable uncapped Internet account, for your typical home / SME user, where the user will get an acceptable Internet experience on the normal day to day uses of the Internet like online banking, email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and general web site browsing,” explains Axxess Managing Director Andrew Simpson.

Simpson however warned that these accounts are not meant for ‘heavy downloaders’ using services like BitTorrent and Limewire. 

Barbalich explains that while there is no Acceptable Usage Policy (aka Fair Use Policy), large file download services will be slowed down.  These include P2P (torrent) software applications like eMule and Kazaa, one click hosting services like Rapidshar and Megaupload, as well as Newsgroup offerings.

“There is a massive demand for uncomplicated, easy to use, affordable Internet and the ‘Just Surf’ account is just the account for every average Internet user in South Africa,” concluded Simpson.

Openweb responds

Openweb responded within hours of Axxess launching their ‘Surf Only’ uncapped ADSL offering by launching the same uncapped service – but undercutting Axxess by R1.

Openweb’s pricing is as follows:  384 Kbps for R98, 512 Kbps for R148 and 1024 Kbps for R248 per month.

“We have had numerous requests for a browsing type Uncapped package that suits the budgets of low usage users; OpenBrowse Uncapped ADSL is the answer”, says Keoma Wright, founder of OpenWeb.

“P2P and torrents will be heavily shaped.  Similar services like hotfile, rapidshare and any download type of material will be limited,” said Wright. “This package is made for good quality browsing access.”

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Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month