Uncapped Prices: FTTH versus ADSL

For many years, fibre-to-the-home was a luxury which not many South Africans could experience – but things have changed recently.

Many small fibre operators, including Vumatel, Frogfoot, Cybersmart, Octotel, and Fiberhoods, have aggressively grown their fibre footprint in major South African cities.

South Africans living in these areas now have a choice between Telkom’s ADSL and VDSL products, wireless broadband products, and FTTH services.

The table below shows how uncapped FTTH prices from prominent providers compare against the total price of uncapped ADSL and VDSL services.

Uncapped Prices: FTTH versus ADSL
Provider Service Speed Data Allowance Total Monthly Price
Vox Telecom Vumatel FTTH 4Mbps Uncapped R499
Smart Village FTTH 4Mbps Uncapped R584
Telkom ADSL 4Mbps Uncapped R774
Cool Ideas Octotel FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R599
iConnect Telecoms Fibrehoods FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R629
Greencom FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R684
Smart Village FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R899
Telkom ADSL 10Mbps Uncapped R1,188
Crystal Fibre Vumatel FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R679
iConnect Telecoms Fibrehoods FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R729
Cool Ideas Octotel FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R799
Smart Village FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R1,223
Telkom VDSL 20Mbps Uncapped R1,687
iConnect Telecoms FTTH 40Mbps Uncapped R929
Telkom VDSL 40Mbps Uncapped R2,227

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Uncapped Prices: FTTH versus ADSL