SAIX Lite ADSL retail prices emerge

News recently broke that Telkom had launched their SAIX Lite wholesale offering which supplies Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with cheaper wholesale bandwidth.

The new SAIX Lite ADSL service is most likely aimed at making it possible for SAIX reseller ISPs to compete against the likes of Afrihost and Axxess (which use Internet Solutions as an upstream provider) whose per-GB prices have dropped to below R30 per GB.

Nexus is one of the first service providers to launch retail services based on the new SAIX Lite wholesale offering and pricing is more aggressive than typical SAIX based services.

The per-GB cost of Nexus’ capped accounts is R29 per GB while its prepaid and top-up rates are R39 per GB with unlimited carry-over of unused data.

Whilst the per-GB pricing for standard capped accounts is more expensive than the R19 per GB from Axxess and Openweb, Nexus’ prepaid ADSL pricing is more aggressive than most of their competitors.

According to Nexus ISP’s Mark Frater the difference between the existing shaped SAIX accounts and the new cheaper Lite SAIX accounts is based on network priority.

“In essence as the name suggests, these accounts are aimed at lite users (those using the internet mainly for web browsing and email) and while downloading, online gaming and peer to peer are not prohibited, such protocols will receive the lowest priority on the network,” says Frater.

“SAIX will basically prioritise the network as follows: unshaped users will receive first priority, followed by shaped users and lastly by lite users.”

Frater added that this traffic prioritization applies mainly to the use of international transit and would also generally only be apparent during peak network usage times.

SAIX Lite ADSL retail prices emerge << Comments and views

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SAIX Lite ADSL retail prices emerge