Vox Telecom ADSL downtime and massive fibre outage

A number of Vox ADSL and fibre subscribers have reported slow or non-existent connectivity over the past few days.

“My connection has been either dead or completely slow the whole evening. Is there any specific issue at Vox?” one ADSL user posted on the MyBroadband forums.

“Been with Vox for 4 months on my 10Mbps line. Thursday evening was the first time I had problems [to the point] where I couldn’t do anything I normally do,” said another subscriber.

The subscriber said that although his experience with Vox was generally good, its lack of communication regarding an area-wide outage was a problem.

Vox told MyBroadband there isn’t an overall problem on its network, but it recently suffered a hardware failure that affected certain products in its fibre environment.

“The problem has been resolved since last night,” said Shane Chorley, head of network and operations at Vox.

Chorley said Vox has involved its hardware vendor for a full incident report.

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Vox Telecom ADSL downtime and massive fibre outage