Telkom fibre now cheaper than ADSL

Telkom’s fibre-to-the-home service is gaining traction in South Africa as the company grows its network footprint.

Apart from faster speeds and a more stable connection, Telkom’s FTTH service has a big advantage over ADSL and VDSL products: no forced analogue line rental.

The absence of forced line rental means that Telkom’s FTTH lines are more affordable than ADSL services.

This is why many Internet service providers, including Web Africa and MWEB, are calling for naked DSL products from Telkom.

Naked ADSL is seen as an easy way to provide more affordable ADSL products, which will fuel the uptake of fixed broadband in South Africa.

Telkom said it is looking at offering DSL access without a telephone service, and its decision would be based on the conclusion of its analysis of the issue.

“If, upon completion, the analysis proves favourable, we will still need to go through a series of pilot initiatives to determine how the actual introduction of naked ADSL can be implemented,” said Telkom.

The table below shows the total price of DSL and FTTH access, based on Axxess’s latest prices.

DSL vs FTTH Prices
Service Speed Line Rental Total Access Price (No Data)
FTTH 4Mbps No line rental R399
ADSL 4Mbps R189 R464
FTTH 8Mbps No line rental R459
ADSL 8Mbps R189 R544
FTTH 10Mbps No line rental R499
ADSL 10Mbps R189 R584
FTTH 20Mbps No line rental R599
VDSL 20Mbps R189 R614
FTTH 40Mbps No line rental R699
VDSL 40Mbps R189 R724

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Telkom fibre now cheaper than ADSL