ADSL under R1 per GB – cheapest capped bundles in South Africa

Vox Telecom recently dropped the retail prices of its Fat Pipe Home DSL products to below R1 per GB – giving customers great value for money.

The price decreases will apply to all new online sales across its Fat Pipe DSL product range.

The company is also applying a “payment holiday” to all subscriptions bought online before 1 January 2017.

Vox said existing Fat Pipe customers will receive additional data for the same price they are currently paying.

Best ADSL data deals

To see how Vox’s new deals compare against competing ISPs, we ranked their Fat Pipe pricing against similar products.

Please note that the comparison does not take into account free data during specific hours and data roll-over – it looks at anytime usage per month only.

The prices are for data-only packages.

ADSL Pricing
ISP Anytime ADSL Data Monthly Price
Afrihost 50GB+50GB R99
Webafrica 100GB R99
Vox Telecom 100GB R99
Axxess 100GB x2 R189
Vox Telecom 200GB R199
MWEB 200GB R199
Webafrica 200GB R199
Afrihost 100GB+100GB R199
Axxess 150GB x2 R289
Vox Telecom 300GB R299
Webafrica 300GB R299
Afrihost 150GB+150GB R299
MWEB 300GB R299
Axxess 200GB x2 R379
Webafrica 400GB R399
Vox Telecom 400GB R399
MWEB 400GB R399
Afrihost 200GB+200GB R399
Vox Telecom 500GB R499
Crystal Web 500GB R799
Axxess 300GB x 2 R565
Vox Telecom 600GB R599
Afrihost 300GB+300GB R599
Webafrica 600GB R599
MWEB 600GB R599
Axxess 400GB x2 R699
Vox Telecom 800GB R799
Webafrica 800GB R799
Afrihost 400GB+400GB R799
MWEB 800GB R799
Axxess 500GB x2 R899
Webafrica 1,000GB R899
Vox Telecom 1,000GB R999
MWEB 1,000GB R999
Afrihost 500GB+500GB R999

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ADSL under R1 per GB – cheapest capped bundles in South Africa