Capped ADSL – Best prices in South Africa

Afrihost recently announced it will end its double data ADSL promotion, with clients given the option of retaining their data cap at the risk of it being potentially shaped when the network is under severe pressure.

Clients who do not want their capped accounts to be shaped must sacrifice their double data allotment – effectively changing how much they pay per GB for unshaped ADSL data.

For example, clients who were paying R199 per month for 200GB of data will pay R199 for a 100GB unshaped or 200GB potentially-shaped account.

The table below compares the pricing of unshaped, capped ADSL data-only packages available from major local ISPs.

Capped ADSL Packages
ISP Data Package Price per Month
Vox Telecom 100GB R99
Webafrica 100GB R99
Afrihost 100GB R199
Telkom 100GB R269
Axxess 200GB R189
Cybersmart 200GB R189
Vox Telecom 200GB R199
Webafrica 200GB R199
MWEB 200GB R199
Afrihost 200GB R399
Telkom 200GB R525
Axxess 400GB R379
MWEB 400GB R399
Vox Telecom 400GB R399
Webafrica 400GB R399
Telkom 400GB R699
Afrihost 400GB R799
Axxess 1,000GB R899
Webafrica 1,000GB R899
MWEB 1,000GB R999
Vox Telecom 1,000GB R999
Telkom 1,000GB R1,599
Afrihost 1,000GB R1,999
RSAWEB 1,000GB R1,999

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Capped ADSL – Best prices in South Africa