When using 100GB a day is child’s play

Afrihost’s uncapped ADSL leaderboard for the past month shows that its top users consume massive amounts of data.

Afrihost’s leaderboard – called Data Kingpins – details how much data its top uncapped DSL users consume over a rolling 31-day period.

The leaderboard consists of Home Uncapped, Premium Uncapped, and Business Uncapped users across line speeds from 1Mbps to 40Mbps.

The top user for the period was a Premium Uncapped DSL account holder with a 20Mbps line – consuming 5,589GB in 31 days.

This works out to just over 180GB of usage per day.

Even at the low-end of the range, users put in some serious downloading.

A 1Mbps Home Uncapped user managed to consume 531GB of data, which works out to a respectable 17GB per day.

The top users are detailed in the table below.

Top Afrihost DSL Users
Account Line Speed Data Consumed
Premium Uncapped DSL 20Mbps 5,589GB
Business Uncapped DSL 40Mbps 4,938GB
Business Uncapped DSL 20Mbps 4,127GB
Business Uncapped DSL 40Mbps 4,111GB
Premium Uncapped DSL 20Mbps 3,780GB
Home Uncapped DSL 10Mbps 2,439GB

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When using 100GB a day is child’s play