OpenWeb in contract dispute with former wholesale ADSL provider

OpenWeb is allegedly in a contract dispute with Syrex, a wholesale service provider, iONLINE told MyBroadband.

This follows claims that iONLINE disconnected OpenWeb’s DSL clients before a transfer to Internet Solutions was completed.

A source told MyBroadband that OpenWeb moved away from Internet Solutions as its upstream DSL provider 15 months ago.

Things went sour with its new wholesale service provider and OpenWeb reportedly had to get a court order to have its DSL realms released.

iONLINE was named as the former provider, with OpenWeb’s clients reportedly disconnected last week.

iONLINE – No direct relationship

iONLINE disputed the details provided by the source, stating it had not received a court order from OpenWeb, nor had it disconnected OpenWeb’s clients.

It said it doesn’t have a direct relationship with OpenWeb, but is a supplier of wholesale ADSL services to Syrex.

There have been allegations of a breach of contract between OpenWeb and Syrex, it said, and the matter is currently with the Syrex legal team for response.

According to iONLINE, it released OpenWeb’s DSL realms to Internet Solutions after a written request from Syrex, which was based on a written request from OpenWeb.

“Dates and times for all actions were set, requested, and arranged by OpenWeb,” said iONLINE.

Syrex – We agreed to release OpenWeb’s realms despite dispute

Syrex said it cannot comment on the current legal discussions between it and OpenWeb.

“We had agreed last week to release the realms to OpenWeb, as requested, regardless of their breach of our agreement,” said Syrex director of sales Ralph Berndt.

“iONLINE provides the core shaping platform, realm hosting, and IPC components that were required technically for the OpenWeb solution.”

OpenWeb – No contractual relationship with iONLINE

OpenWeb confirmed that it has no direct contractual relationship with iONLINE.

“The agreement was concluded with a first tier provider,” said OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright.

Wright declined to comment on why they were disconnected, and why they subsequently moved back to Internet Solutions.

“Our relationship with our previous provider is unfortunately locked in by a non-disclosure agreement,” said Wright.

“OpenWeb always has and always will do whatever it takes to offer our clients the best quality network and service at the best price.”

Wright added that OpenWeb has always conducted its business within the ambit of prevailing contracts.

“OpenWeb specifically denies that it has committed any breach whatsoever,” said Wright.

Manually migrating clients

Regarding the transition from its previous upstream provider back to Internet Solutions, Wright said they started manually moving clients in the beginning of April by issuing them with new usernames and passwords.

By 25 April, all clients were issued with new access details.

“We followed up with clients via email, SMS, and phone calls, offering assistance if required to configure the new details into their routers,” said Wright.

Clients experiencing issues may contact OpenWeb for assistance.

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OpenWeb in contract dispute with former wholesale ADSL provider