Massive ADSL users – What they download in a month

Afrihost’s Data Kingpins ranking shows that its top uncapped DSL users have racked up huge usage over the past 30 days.

The ranking is based on the amount of data consumed by the ISP’s top users over a 30-day window, and measures all DSL line speeds across it three uncapped packages.

The packages are Home Uncapped, Premium Uncapped, and Business Uncapped.

The table and graphic below detail the top users over the past month.

Uncapped DSL Usage

Afrihost Uncapped DSL Usage
Account Line Speed Data Consumed
Premium Uncapped DSL 20Mbps 5,686GB
Business Uncapped DSL 40Mbps 5,375GB
Business Uncapped DSL 40Mbps 4,554GB
Business Uncapped DSL 40Mbps 4,469GB
Business Uncapped DSL 40Mbps 4,466GB
Special Mentions
Premium Uncapped DSL 1Mbps 351GB
Home Uncapped DSL 2Mbps 493GB
Business Uncapped DSL 4Mbps 1,267GB

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Massive ADSL users – What they download in a month