MWEB to charge R49 for 1GB of ADSL data

MWEB is increasing the price of its 1GB ADSL package, which only includes data, to R49 per month from 1 September 2018.

The company informed subscribers of the price increase on 31 July 2018, explaining that it was needed “due to rising operational costs”.

MWEB told subscribers that the price increase will automatically be applied to their next bill.

According to MWEB’s help desk, the price for a 1GB data package increased from R29 to R39 on 1 April, due to the 1% VAT increase. It will now rise to R49 as part of a general product price increase.

Charging R49 for a 1GB data package is out of sync with the cost of ADSL data in South Africa, with prices dropping to under R1 per GB on larger data packages.

Axxess, for example, charges R39 for a 20GB ADSL data package, while Afrihost gives its 1GB ADSL data package away for free.

Certain commentators feel that MWEB is getting away with charging such a high price for a small data package because users do not want to lose their email address.

MWEB responds

“MWEB has informed customers that the prices of their ADSL, fibre, and some VAS products will increase on 1 September,” said the company.

“These increases are due to operational costs. At the time of the VAT increase, MWEB did not increase prices in line with market increases, as we believed we could keep the rising operational costs at bay. Sadly, we have not been able to do this.”

“This increase will be effective from 1 August 2018 for new customers, and will be implemented from 1 September 2018 for existing customers.”

MWEB Price Increases
Subscription Fee Range Monthly Increase
R0 – R250 per month R10
R250 – R1,000 per month R20
R1,000+ per month R30

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MWEB to charge R49 for 1GB of ADSL data