ADSL users are paying much more than fibre customers for the same speed

If you are on an ADSL connection, we have bad news for you – you are paying much more than fibre users for the same speeds.

And we use the term “same speed” loosely – ADSL is notorious for not delivering its maximum “up to” download speeds, and your upload speeds are nowhere near as fast as a fibre connection.

MyBroadband looked at uncapped ADSL and fibre prices in South Africa and found that ADSL users are getting a raw deal.

Firstly, they pay more for the same line speed as a fibre user. For example, a 4Mbps home uncapped ADSL package from Afrihost costs R619 per month – including ADSL line rental, your mandatory landline rental, and the ISP’s uncapped data package.

A 4Mbps home uncapped package from Afrihost on Openserve fibre, however, costs R419 per month.

Secondly, these fibre users also receive a 5Mbps upload speed, while ADSL upload speeds are much slower than this.

Fibre is also more stable than ADSL, even when you are far away from an Openserve exchange. ADSL line speeds can deteriorate rapidly as the line gets longer between connection points.

Elements like water also affect the performance of ADSL.

Fibre vs ADSL prices

For our investigation, we compared uncapped package pricing from a range of ISPs on ADSL and Openserve fibre.

The reason for selecting Openserve fibre is that this is the same company which supplies all ADSL and copper landlines in South Africa.

When looking at the ADSL prices, the ISP data account, ADSL line rental fees, and the landline rental fee – R200.74 – were taken into account.

With the fibre packages, the prices are typically advertised as all inclusive, and the monthly price you see includes the fibre line and the data account.

As shown in the table below, uncapped fibre packages from Afrihost, Axxess, Webafrica, and MWEB are all cheaper when compared to their ADSL equivalents.

It must be noted that Telkom’s Unlimited Home packages, not included below, charge the same price for ADSL and fibre packages – with its ADSL packages including ADSL line rental and landline rental fees.

Fibre vs ADSL – Uncapped Prices
Uncapped Package ADSL Price Fibre Price
Afrihost Home Uncapped 4Mbps R619 R497
Afrihost Premium Uncapped 4Mbps R817 R617
Axxess Home Uncapped 10Mbps R875 R519
Axxess Premium Uncapped 10Mbps R1,019 R669
Axxess Premium Plus Uncapped 10Mbps R1,419 R769
Webafrica Uncapped 20Mbps R919 R819
Webafrica Uncapped Premium 20Mbps R1,215 R1,115
Webafrica Uncapped Pro 20Mbps R1,739 R1,639
MWEB Uncapped 40Mbps R1,702 R1,039

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ADSL users are paying much more than fibre customers for the same speed