Best uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

A recent MyBroadband poll revealed that ADSL is still a popular broadband connection type for South Africans.

While most MyBroadband readers stated that they have fibre at home, ADSL came in second place in terms of primary home broadband connection – with fixed-LTE in third place.

ADSL may not offer the high speeds or low latency of fibre, but it can be a capable connection, particularly for applications like downloading and media streaming.

Additionally, many users do not have any choice but to use ADSL as there are no competing broadband technologies available where they live.

Uncapped ADSL deals

For these users, we have compiled a list of the best uncapped ADSL deals from South Africa’s biggest ISPs.

The table below details the pricing of 2Mbps, 4Mbps, and 10Mbps packages, and what type of account is on offer – Home or Premium.

It must be noted that these are bundle deals, which include ADSL line rental. The deals do not include a Telkom landline, however, which is an additional R200.74 per month and must be purchased through Openserve.

The only exception is the Telkom account, which includes the ADSL and landline rental in the bundle.

Uncapped ADSL Deals
ISP Package Price
Webafrica 2Mbps R234.00
Axxess 2Mbps Home R235.00
Afrihost 2Mbps Home R249.00
Webafrica 2Mbps Premium R264.00
MWEB 2Mbps R265.44
Cybersmart 2Mbps Home R349.00
Afrihost 2Mbps Premium R417.00
Webafrica 4Mbps R399.00
Axxess 4Mbps Home R415.00
Afrihost 4Mbps Home R419.00
MWEB 4Mbps R486.32
Webafrica 4Mbps Premium R505.00
Axxess 4Mbps Premium R519.00
Cybersmart 4Mbps Home R579.00
Afrihost 4Mbps Premium R617.00
Telkom 4Mbps Unlimited Home R605.00*
Webafrica 10Mbps R544.00
Axxess 10Mbps Home R675.00
Afrihost 10Mbps Home R679.00
Cybersmart 10Mbps Home R779.00
MWEB 10Mbps R812.67
Axxess 10Mbps Premium R819.00
Webafrica 10Mbps Premium R824.00
Afrihost 10Mbps Premium R917.00
Telkom 10Mbps Unlimited Home R807.00*
*Includes Telkom landline rental

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Best uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa