Business ADSL pricing comparison

Vodacom Business announced on Monday (22 August) a reduction in the price of their DSL offerings which include shaped, unshaped, capped and uncapped solutions.

Chris Ross, Vodacom’s Managing Executive for Commercial Development, highlighted that Vodacom procures bandwidth from a variety of cable systems, including SAFE, SAT3, SEACOM and EASSy, and uses technology that blends these to create great reliability.

According to Ross Vodacom provides ‘lower contention rates which results in the delivery of a higher quality service to their business customers’.

“We are committed to meeting the market needs of our business customers, and have heard what they want from a services supplier – reliability, availability, robustness and quality at a reasonable cost,” Ross concludes.

Vodacom’s recent price cut reduces the price of their ADSL data bundles by up to 45%.

Vodacom DSL Prices
Shaped Data (GB) Old Price New Price
1 R59.00 R31.98
3 R169.01 R90.13
5 R279.00 R146.76
10 R549.00 R287.94
20 R1070.55 R569.84
1GB Top-Up R68.63 R36.80
Unshaped Data (GB) Old Price New Price
1 R123.12 R67.83
3 R362.49 R201.70
5 R592.80 R326.51
10 R1128.60 R634.32
20 R2143.20 R1240.90
1GB Top-Up R145.10 R72.66

The new pricing makes Vodacom Business more competitive, but it still lags behind some of their competitors.

Business ADSL
Data Bundle (GB) Vodacom Shaped Telkom Shaped Web Africa Gold Altech TC Gold MWEB Business
5 R146.76 R149.00 R299.00
10 R287.94 R239.00 R599.00 R330.60 R340.00
20 R569.84 R1199.00 R627.00 R660.00
1GB Top-Up R36.80 R49.00 R34.20
Data Bundle (GB) Vodacom Unshaped Telkom Unshaped Web Africa Platinum Altech  TC Platinum MWEB Business
5 R326.51 R489.00 R345.00
10 R634.32 R649.00 R433.20 R340.00
20 R1240.90 R1299.00 R820.80 R660.00
1GB Top-Up R72.66 R69.00 R34.20

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Business ADSL pricing comparison