Why your Openserve line has not been upgraded

A number of Openserve customers have complained that their fibre and ADSL connections have not been upgraded as promised.

However, Openserve said its upgrades are completed and customers who did not receive upgrades have fibre or ADSL lines which did not qualify.

Openserve recently announced that it would upgrade the line speed of qualifying ADSL and fibre connections on its network in partnerships with selected ISPs.

The network operator said it would upgrade the speed of fibre and ADSL users for three months, effective from 1 May 2020.

“Responding to market changes as a result of COVID-19, Openserve fibre and DSL customers will enjoy upgraded data speeds for a three-month period, effective 1 May 2020,” the company said.

Openserve provided upgrades to selected fibre and ADSL customers, and users with specific line speeds qualified for these upgrades. 10Mbps, 20Mbps, and 40Mbps fibre lines qualified, while all ADSL line speeds below 10Mbps will be upgraded to 10Mbps – subject to technical limitations.

Existing 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps ADSL lines will remain unchanged.

The company’s speed upgrades are detailed in the table below.

Old Download Speed New Download Speed
10Mbps 20Mbps
20Mbps 40Mbps
40Mbps 100Mbps
100Mbps Unchanged
200Mbps Unchanged
1Mbps 10Mbps
2Mbps 10Mbps
4Mbps 10Mbps
8Mbps 10Mbps
10Mbps Unchanged
20Mbps Unchanged
40Mbps Unchanged


Many ADSL and fibre users on Openserve’s network have complained that they have not received the free speed upgrades.

Some said that Telkom’s coverage map and online system incorrectly stated that their line speeds did not qualify, while others simply did not see any speed difference.

Additionally, many users said that fibre and ADSL speed upgrades were rolled out well after 1 May, with some users reporting they were only upgraded on 19 May.

It is important to note that new customers who activate their fibre or ADSL connections following 1 May will still receive the free line speed upgrades, provided their line qualifies for the offer.

Openserve responds

Openserve told MyBroadband that it has completed all fibre and ADSL upgrades, however.

“We have completed the bulk upgrades of all qualifying Openserve Fibre Connect and Openserve Copper Connect services,” Openserve said. “Newly provisioned services are being upgraded on a weekly basis.”

“End-users can expect any qualifying new or changed service to be upgraded within 14 days after their services were installed or changed.”

“If a service has not been upgraded, this implies that it did not meet the qualifying criteria.”

A number of issues may occur during ADSL line speed upgrades, the company added, but it expects no problems with fibre upgrades.

“No issues are anticipated for Openserve Fibre Connect customers. A small percentage of the Openserve Copper Connect customers may experience stability issues or find that they have not been upgraded as expected,” Openserve said.

“These are services that do not qualify due to technical limitations. In such cases, the impacted services will remain on or revert to the original speed.”

The company said that customer queries regarding these limitations should be taken up with their ISPs, and not with Openserve.

“We have provided other channels for our ISP partners to raise such upgrade concerns for services not upgraded within the guideline timeframes mentioned above,” Openserve said.

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Why your Openserve line has not been upgraded