New Telkom naked ADSL products not available to existing customers

Telkom has confirmed to MyBroadband that its new DSL Unlimited Home Lite bundles are not available to existing ADSL customers.

These uncapped products use Openserve’s new Pure Connect wholesale product to offer cheaper ADSL packages without the need for a voice line.

The company has also removed data caps on these ADSL packages and implemented promotional pricing – which comprises a reduced monthly payment for a period of six months.

Openserve Pure Connect also allows customers to directly obtain their ADSL broadband service from their ISPs – meaning they will no longer be required to obtain a copper line from Telkom Retail.

Telkom offers a new range of Unlimited Home DSL products on its website, divided into Home Unlimited Premium and Home Unlimited Lite bundles.

Unlimited Home Premium DSL bundles include uncapped Internet with no fair usage policy (FUP), a free Wi-Fi router and installation, and a mobile data SIM with unlimited Telkom-to-Telkom and Telkom-to-Telkom Mobile calls.

Unlimited Home Lite DSL packages do not include the mobile data SIM or a copper voice lane, making them “naked ADSL” products.

“For context, the promotional COVID-19 DSL bundles are Telkom’s response to the government’s request of network operators to help limit the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy, and to keep the nation affordably connected,” Telkom said.

“Therefore, the DSL Unlimited Home Lite bundles and the six-month COVID-19 discounts are aimed at customers who could previously not afford fixed Internet services in their homes, and are only offered to those who currently do not have Telkom fixed Internet services, including those who only have a traditional voice service from Telkom.”

Migration to Premium allowed

While Telkom customers with existing ADSL packages will not be able to change to a naked ADSL product, they are allowed to migrate to the new Unlimited Home Premium products.

“While existing customers do not qualify for the DSL Unlimited Home Lite promotion, Telkom has updated and reduced its pricing of fixed broadband offers to help customers better afford their broadband services during the pandemic,” Telkom said.

“Existing ADSL customers, whether soft-cap or uncapped, are allowed to migrate to any of the DSL Unlimited Home Premium bundles.”

Customers who migrate to Telkom’s DSL Unlimited Home Premium bundles will also qualify for the six-month promotional pricing.

“Existing ADSL customers can contact Telkom to change their current subscription to the promotional Unlimited Home Premium bundles through any of the Telkom channels.”

“In the meantime, Telkom will be contacting qualifying customers through SMS and follow-up calls.”

The rules around the Unlimited Home Lite packages do not state whether existing Telkom customers will be able to change to the naked ADSL bundles by cancelling their existing package and subscribing as a new customer.

The full list of Telkom Unlimited Home DSL bundles is shown below, along with the six-month promotional pricing.

Package Download/Upload Price p/m Promo Price p/m
Unlimited Home Lite (DSL Only)
Unlimited Home 4Mbps 4Mbps/512Kbps R329 R199
Unlimited Home 10Mbps 10Mbps/1Mbps R599 R299
Unlimited Home 20Mbps 20Mbps/1.5Mbps R699 R399
Unlimited Home 40Mbps 40Mbps/10Mbps R899 R499
Unlimited Home Premium (DSL + SIM)
Unlimited Home 4Mbps 4Mbps/512kbps R499 R399
Unlimited Home 10Mbps 10Mbps/1Mbps R699 R499
Unlimited Home 20Mbps 20Mbps/1.5Mbps R799 R599
Unlimited Home 40Mbps 40Mbps/10Mbps R999 R699

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New Telkom naked ADSL products not available to existing customers