Telkom ADSL performance indicators

Telkom has released their ADSL key performance indicators (KPIs) for July – September 2011, showing an improvement in latency and jitter but worsening packet loss.

The publication of basic information about an ADSL service, including the contention ratio, packet loss, latency and jitter, is required of ADSL service providers by the ADSL regulations published on 17 August 2006.

These regulations are largely ignored by Internet service providers (ISPs), and to date only Telkom and MWEB have done what the regulations require.

Telkom ADSL KPIs

Telkom’s current contention ratio for ADSL is 20:1, but the company highlights that “the contention ratio does not remain constant as it fluctuates as the service grows and more customers and infrastructure are added”.

Telkom’s latest ADSL KPIs reveal a higher packet loss for local and international traffic, but lower latency on all traffic.

The following table provides an overview of Telkom’s ADSL KPIs over the last twelve months.

International Key Performance Indicators
ADSL KPI Q4 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011
Average International Packet Loss (%) 0.02 0.01 0.026 0.55%
Average International Round-trip latency (ms) 209.04 207.17 223.41 213.80
Average International Jitter (ms) 0.25 0.34 5.07 1.06
National Key Performance Indicators
ADSL KPI Q4 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011
Average National Packet Loss (%) 0.14 0.13 0.12 0.48%
Average National Round-trip latency (ms) 22.99 19.84 20.18 16.98
Average National Jitter (ms) 21.74 14.78 19.38 12.36

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Telkom ADSL performance indicators