16Mbps OpenWeb bonded ADSL tested

OpenWeb launched its bonded ADSL solution recently, offering speeds of up to 16Mbps (bonding four 4Mbps ADSL lines). The company introduced two bonded ADSL data packages – 30GB at R1,499 and 50GB at R1,999.

The service competes directly against other bonded ADSL services in the market from MWEB Business, Vox Telecom and Altech Technology Concepts.

OpenWeb’s bonded ADSL offering is undercutting competing offerings which raises the question of whether it delivers on quality.

In MyBroadband’s testing of Vox Telecom’s Fishbone service, Altech Technology Concept’s bonded ADSL service and MWEB’s bonded ADSL solution, the speeds were impressive and the throughput was very stable.

OpenWeb’s bonded ADSL service unfortunately did not perform at similar levels when tested by MyBroadband.

Openweb bonded ADSL performance

MyBroadband tested Openweb’s bonded ADSL service using four 4Mbps ADSL lines – hence increasing the speed to a theoretical maximum of 16Mbps.

Using MyBroadband’s local speed test server the performance was impressive with an average speed of just under 13Mbps. This speed is in line with what we saw with the other bonded ADSL offerings.

The download speed however plummeted when doing speed tests to international servers using MyBroadband or Speedtest.net’s platforms. Speedtest.net’s local servers provided equally poor results.

Upload speeds were typically more in line with what one would expect from a bonded ADSL solution, always exceeding the speed of a single ADSL connection.

The table below shows the average speeds to various local and international speed test servers.

Testing server Location Download speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps)
MyBroadband South Africa 12.92 1.31
Speedtest.net South Africa 2.96 1.30
Neotel South Africa 2.60 1.30
Telkom South Africa 2.18 1.22
MyBroadband International 6.48 0.88
Speedtest.net International 1.63 0.68
Other International 2.63 0.92

The service came into its own on multi-threaded downloads with speeds of around 12Mbps. This speed was stable using both HTTP downloads and torrent services.

Looking at the overall performance of the service it is debatable whether Openweb’s bonded ADSL offering provides significant benefits over a load balancing solution where bandwidth is significantly cheaper.

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16Mbps OpenWeb bonded ADSL tested