Naked ADSL here by June [April Fools]

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has announced that a data-only ADSL service must be made available by Telkom by the end of June 2012.

In November 2011, ICASA released their findings of the inquiry into the ICASA framework for introducing Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), and at the time said that it will engage with industry on the best model to follow in South Africa.

In February ICASA confirmed that it has engaged Telkom in respect of a price reduction for its wholesale ADSL services, and on Friday the regulator said that ADSL wholesale rates (IPConnect prices) will be reduced on 1 April 2012.

ICASA added that they have called on Telkom to offer a data only ADSL service (aka Naked ADSL) by 30 June 2012 to ensure that it adheres to regulation 10(3) of the Electronic Communications Facilities Leasing Regulations.

This regulation states that “Charges for electronic communications facilities must be sufficiently unbundled so that an electronic communications facilities seeker does not have to pay for anything it does not require for the requested electronics communications facility or facilities”.

This requirement means that consumers will be able to purchase a data-only ADSL line by the end of June without the need to also pay for an analogue phone service (aka line rental).

Telkom was not immediately available for comment on whether they will fight ICASA’s requirement of a naked ADSL service.

Details about pricing and line speeds of the new proposed naked ADSL service is available here: Naked ADSL service

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Naked ADSL here by June [April Fools]