Massive ADSL value boost by Web Africa

Web Africa is increasing the value proposition for their ADSL Home Connect subscribers by removing the peak and off-peak usage differentiator. This means that users will get 400% more anytime data for the same price.

Web Africa Home Connect subscribers currently get a basic anytime data allowance, and 4 times that allowance to use after hours.

For example, Web Africa’s 5GB Home Connect package provides subscribers with 1GB of anytime data and 4GB of after hours data for R79.

The company has now announced that they will remove the peak and off-peak usage differentiation which has a dramatic effect on pricing.

“A customer who previously had 2GB peak data and 8GB off-peak data for R149, will now have 10GB of anytime data for the same price of R149. Our new per Gig rate, for the larger packages, comes down to an effective R7.99 per Gig,” explained Web Africa CEO Tim Wyatt-Gunning.

The new Web Africa Home Connect products will go live before the end of business on Monday 2 April.

The following table provides an overview of the old and new Web Africa pricing:

Web Africa service Old packages New packages
Package Anytime data (GB) Off-peak data (GB) Price Price/GB Anytime data (GB) Price (GB) Price/GB
2 Gigs 1 1 29 29.00 2 29 14.50
5 Gigs 1 4 79 79.00 5 79 15.80
10 Gigs 2 8 149 74.50 10 149 14.90
25 Gigs 5 20 239 47.80 25 239 9.56
50 Gigs 10 40 399 39.90 50 399 7.98
75 Gigs 15 60 599 39.93 75 599 7.99
100 Gigs 20 80 799 39.95 100 799 7.99

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Massive ADSL value boost by Web Africa