Flat ADSL access fee not discussed: Telkom

Telkom has disputed the accuracy of information MyBroadband has received from an industry source claiming that the company is looking at dropping its existing ADSL access fee structure for a single price model.

Currently subscribers pay a fee to Telkom based on the speed of the line they want. Telkom offers three tiers:

  1. R152 for Fast (up to 384kbps);
  2. R289 for Faster (up to 1024kbps); and
  3. R413 Fastest (up to 4/10Mbps).

Although certain ISPs offer line rentals at slightly reduced prices, the structure remains the same and most of the money still goes to Telkom.

According to the information received by MyBroadband, Telkom is investigating dropping the speed tiers in favour of a single ADSL access fee.

Users would then get the maximum speed their line is capable of (hence the highest possible sync speed) for a flat fee.

Responding to questions on whether it was considering alternative ADSL access fee structures, Telkom said that the information was inaccurate.

However, the incumbent added: “Telkom continually reviews its offerings and will communicate any changes once a conclusion has been reached.”

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Flat ADSL access fee not discussed: Telkom