50Mbps aggregated ADSL solution unveiled

RSAWEB today (5 September 2012) unveiled their new aggregated ADSL product, called SuperPIPE, which can deliver download speeds up to 50Mbps.

SuperPIPE works by aggregating multiple ADSL lines into a single, fault tolerant high-speed connection of up to 50Mbps that can be managed as if it is a single ADSL connection.

“Telkom has been far too slow in rolling out faster broadband speeds, and although they have just announced their 20Mbps and 40Mbps DSL pilots – we know that this will be unattainable for many and limited to certain areas. We are launching SuperPIPE to fill this gap in the market,” said Rob Gilmour, MD of RSAWEB.

Gillmour explained that their solution is different from bonded ADSL products in the market: “We have taken a different approach by placing hardware onto either side of the Telkom IPC (ADSL) network in order to ensure a quality high speed experience.”

Mark Slingsby, RSAWEB’s technical director, said that SuperPIPE is a fully resilient service, designed to function even if 4 out of your 5 ADSL lines are unplugged. “Our automatic failover will ensure that you are still online which is ideal for companies who need always- on connectivity,” said Slingsby.

“In testing competing solutions we established that the way SuperPIPE works provides a far superior service by aggregating (summing) the ADSL lines instead of treating them as its own service, meaning higher single stream and over throughput,” said Slingsby.


SuperPIPE is now available across South Africa at the following prices.

Capped (up to 5 lines) 100GB 200GB 300GB 400GB 500GB 750GB 1000GB
Monthly Price R4375.00 R5875.00 R7375.00 R8875.00 R11975.00 R15975.00 R19975.00
Setup R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00
Uncapped up to 5Mbps 8Mbps 12Mbps 16Mbps 20Mbps 25Mbps 30Mbps
Monthly Price R4375.00 R5950.00 R7950.00 R9950.00 R11950.00 R13975.00 R16975.00
Setup R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00

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50Mbps aggregated ADSL solution unveiled