Innovative new uncapped ADSL product

Vox Telecom is planning to launch two new gamer-oriented ADSL products on 13 November 2012.

Wildfire Usage is a usage-based product that bills for data used over a 24-hour period. More information on usage rates will be revealed when the product launches.

Wildfire Monthly is a flat-rated, off-peak uncapped product, that provides 10GB of Vox Data for peak-time usage, at R275 per month. These accounts prioritise gaming traffic at all times, even during congestion periods.

There are no line speed speed limits on the Wildfire Monthly product, so gamers can potentially have up to a 10Mbps uncapped ADSL account during off-peak times. Vox defines peak times as 6AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday, with the rest of the time being off-peak.

We caught up with Vox Telecom’s joint-CEO, Douglas Reed, to learn more about the new products and just how they will be catering to gamers.

“The Wildfire Usage-based product is gaming prioritised and unshaped to ensure a superior quality of service. It is a simple, 24-hour product based on what is actually used,” explained Reed.

“The Wildfire Monthly product will provide gamers with unshaped, prioritised gaming bandwidth 24 x 7. Uncapped bandwidth for general use during off-peak times, and 10GB of capped bandwidth during peak times. The advantage of this is that there is no line size stipulation and gamers can use this over any line size up to 10Mbps,” said Reed.

“The gaming ports are prioritised at all times to ensure that gamers will not be subject to shaping during congestion periods,” Reed explained.

There are no long-term contracts, with only a 1-month notice period of cancellation, said Reed.

We inquired as to traffic shaping on other protocols and browsing activities, such as peer-to-peer downloads, FTP, web browsing, video and music streaming.

“Just the gaming will be totally prioritised and unshaped. The rest will be unshaped unless there is congestion, which will be an exception as the network is sized for the peak period,” explained Reed.

“The only restriction is the capped portion during peak times. That is extremely costly bandwidth because Vox services predominantly business customers,” said Reed, adding that the 10GB of peak time data is also a high quality offering.

Douglas Reed - Vox Telecom
Douglas Reed – Vox Telecom

Vox offers 40GB free ADSL data to gamers

In order to promote the new products, Vox Telecom is offering free 40GB ADSL data vouchers to gamers. This is the same data service as used for the new Wildfire products.

The vouchers will come bundled with purchases Call of Duty Black Ops II, Far Cry 3, and selected PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U console bundles.

This promotion is exclusive to Look & Listen.

“Look & Listen will supply a 40GB free voucher with selected games (worth R700); this enables the gamer to test the quality and experience and at his/her discretion,” said Reed. “Users can top up in 20GB bundles at R 17.50 per GB, or purchase the R275 p/m package. To ensure repeat business, it is in Vox’s interest to provide a quality experience,” said Reed.

“It is Vox’s strategy to partner with complementary retailers to find innovative ways to add value to both sets of customers. Look & Listen will provide similar specials to our @lantic customers,” said Reed.

Vox Wildfire will be launching on 13 November. More information can be found on the Vox Wildfire website on that date.

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Innovative new uncapped ADSL product