Cheapest bundled ADSL prices ever in SA

Cybersmart has unveiled its new capped and uncapped ADSL services, significantly undercutting their competitors. Uncapped pricing starts at R34 per month while capped prices go as low as R6 per GB.

Cybersmart’s bundled capped pricing starts at R18 for 2GB, and increases to R350 for 60GB. The account-only products offer half the data at the same price.

Cybersmart’s bundled uncapped ADSL pricing starts at R34 per month for a 384kbps account, and increases to R482 per month for a 10Mbps account.

The account-only uncapped ADSL prices start at R139 per month for a 384kbps service, and goes up to R795 for a 10Mbps product.

It is clear that Cybersmart has a strong focus on bundled ADSL services, offering significantly reduced rates to subscribers who take both their ADSL line and ADSL account from them.

The following table provides an overview of Cybersmart’s new ADSL prices.

Bundled uncapped ADSL products (ADSL line with uncapped account)
Speed Price
384kbps R199
1Mbps R295
2Mbps R495
4Mbps R695
10Mbps R895
Account only uncapped ADSL products
384kbps R139
1Mbps R184
2Mbps R295
4Mbps R395
10Mbps R794
Bundled capped ADSL prices (ADSL line with Cybersmart)
2GB R18
4GB R28
10GB R69
20GB R135
60GB R350
Standard capped ADSL prices
1GB R18
2GB R28
5GB R69
10GB R135
30GB R350

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Cheapest bundled ADSL prices ever in SA