HelloPeter’s best and worst ADSL ISPs

The latest HelloPeter statistics show that Openweb has the best compliments versus complaints ratio in South Africa’s ISP industry, followed by G-Connect and Web Africa.

HelloPeter, the largest online customer service website in South Africa, allows consumers to post complaints and compliments about service providers.

The website’s industry ranking feature lists companies according to their compliments/complaints ratio. This ranking therefore gives an overview of the overall satisfaction of the company’s customers.

According to HelloPeter’s statistics over the last 12 months, Openweb has the highest compliments to complaints ratio at 92%, followed by G-Connect at 50% and Web Africa with 28%.

It should be noted that prominent ISPs like Telkom Internet, Vox Telecom and Internet Solutions were excluded from this ranking as HelloPeter does not list these companies as ISPs.

The following chart gives an overview of HelloPeter’s ISP rankings.

HelloPeter ISP ranking
HelloPeter ISP ranking

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HelloPeter’s best and worst ADSL ISPs