ADSL cheapest price per Mbps: 2002 to 2013

Telkom launched its first commercial Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) trial in Gauteng during August 2002, charging R680 for a 512kbps service.

Since the early days of ADSL the price for a connection has plummeted, but even more significant is the drop in the price per Mbps.

Price per Mbps is a globally used standard to measure the true cost of a fixed broadband connection, mainly because it takes both the speed and cost of a service into account.

South Africa’s ADSL pricing model – where users pay for ADSL access, analogue line rental and an ISP count (data) – makes a local comparison more challenging.

However, using only the cost of ADSL access to calculate the price per Mbps removes some of the complexity.

The following graph shows the lowest price per Mbps for ADSL access from August 2002 to April 2013.

Minimum ADSL price per Mbps
Minimum ADSL price per Mbps

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ADSL cheapest price per Mbps: 2002 to 2013