ADSL downtime across South Africa reported again

ADSL subscribers from all over South Africa reported on Friday night (21 June 2013) that they were unable to connect to the Internet after disconnecting their modems, rebooting their routers, or otherwise resetting their connections.

It isn’t clear what the cause of the problem is at the moment, but users are reporting similar symptoms to downtime experienced earlier this month: lines sync, yet they are unable to authenticate with their ADSL accounts.

Telkom explained that the previous downtime was due to a technical error in a “low risk, very mature” maintenance procedure to add more IP addresses to the ADSL network.

Unlike the previous downtime, however, it does not appear as though the sessions of all ADSL users were reset, as some users are reporting that they are still connected.

According to Telkom, a standard session reset takes around 2 minutes on average, but that a high number of simultaneous reset attempts due to a problem can put a significant load on authentication servers.

Various Internet service providers were contacted for feedback on the outage but were not immediately available to comment.

Update: At around 23:30, about an hour after the first reports started coming in, users reported that their sessions are authenticating again.

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ADSL downtime across South Africa reported again