Aggressive ADSL pricing from new player

The local ADSL market is very competitive with the large service providers like Telkom Internet, MWEB, Vox Telecom and Internet Solutions battling it out against smaller ISPs for market share.

ISPs like Axxess, Web Africa and Cybersmart managed to become large ADSL players in their own right through aggressively priced and innovative product offerings.  New entrants into the market are now following this model to try to wrestle subscribers from the more established companies.

The latest entrant in the ADSL ISP market is well known hosting provider Afrihost.  The company recently launched its ‘ADSL Broadband Plans’, offering subscribers the option of a 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB package. 

Afrihost’s ADSL packages start of at R 57 for a 1 GB bundle, R 97 for 2 GB and R 164 for 3 GB.  The high end package costs R 270 for 5 GB.  Top-ups for all accounts are priced at R55 per GB.

The bandwidth for Afrihost’s ADSL packages is supplied using the Internet Solutions shaped service while all international bandwidth is provisioned over the SAT3 undersea cable.

At R 57 per GB Afrihost is cheaper than Axxess’ R 59, Web Africa’s R 70 per GB and Telkom’s R 79 per GB.  The hosting provider’s R 97 for 2 GB also compares favourably with Axxess’ R 119 for the same usage limit.  Afrihost’s 3 GB and 5 GB data bundles are equally competitive in the market.

There are however some service providers who are able to beat these prices.   MyISP charges R 55 for a 1 GB bundle and R 140 for a 3 GB service, lower than most other providers in the market.

When Telkom’s new bundle sizes kick in next month – which will increase the size of a 2 GB bundle to 3 GB and bump up a 3 GB bundle to 5 GB – the telecoms provider’s 5 GB bundle at R239.00 will not be easy to beat.

Good news for consumers is that the growing competition in the ADSL market means lower prices and a better value proposition.

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Aggressive ADSL pricing from new player