Lowest uncapped ADSL prices in South Africa

Axxess announced on 28 October 2013 that it will upgrade all its uncapped ADSL accounts free of charge (see Free uncapped ADSL speed upgrades). This basically translates into a significant price cut on all its uncapped ADSL products.

Not to be outdone, Telkom Internet said on 31 October 2013 that it will be increasing the speed of its ADSL clients free of charge this month.

Vox Telecom followed suit with price cuts of its own on its capped and uncapped ADSL products.

The announcements from Axxess, Telkom Internet and Vox Telecom come shortly before Telkom’s planned ADSL line speed upgrades.

This month Telkom will start upgrading its wholesale ADSL products free of charge:

  • ‘Up to 1,024 kbps’ will be migrated to ‘Up to 2,048 kbps’
  • ‘Up to 2,048 kbps’ will be migrated to ‘Up to 4,096 kbps’
  • ‘Up to 4,096/10,240 kbps’ will be migrated to ‘Up to 10,240 kbps’.

In future, the ‘Up to 4,096/10,240 kbps’ product offering will be split into two separate offerings i.e. ‘Up to 4,096 kbps’ and ‘Up to 10,240 kbps’.

These changes will force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to rethink the pricing of their uncapped ADSL products.

Axxess and Telkom Internet followed the subscriber friendly route by upgrading their uncapped ADSL subscribers to the higher speeds free of charge.

However, this decision can result in lower margins, which will make other ISPs think twice before following these examples.

Current uncapped ADSL account prices compared

The following table provides an overview of current uncapped ADSL prices.

Uncapped ADSL prices
ISP Speed Price
Axxess 1Mbps R165
Cybersmart 1Mbps R175
Openweb 1Mbps R179
Afrihost 1Mbps R197
Web Africa 1Mbps R197
Vox Telecom 1Mbps R199
MWEB 1Mbps R199
Axxess 2Mbps R195
Telkom Internet 2Mbps R199
Cybersmart 2Mbps R235
MWEB 2Mbps R239
Openweb 2Mbps R239
Vox Telecom 2Mbps R239
Web Africa 2Mbps R239
Afrihost 2Mbps R297
Telkom Internet 4Mbps R249
Axxess 4Mbps R295
Cybersmart 4Mbps R335
Openweb 4Mbps R339
Web Africa 4Mbps R339
Vox Telecom 4Mbps R359
MWEB 4Mbps R359
Afrihost 4Mbps R397
Axxess 10Mbps R375
Vox Telecom 10Mbps R399
Telkom Internet 10Mbps R574
Cybersmart 10Mbps R595
Openweb 10Mbps R689
Web Africa 10Mbps R699
Telkom Internet 10Mbps R699
MWEB 10Mbps R749
Afrihost 10Mbps R797

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Lowest uncapped ADSL prices in South Africa