Afrihost ADSL performance problems addressed

Afrihost said that it is aware of the ADSL performance problems in the “South region”, and is awaiting additional capacity to be installed to address the issue.

Many Afrihost ADSL subscribers, especially uncapped users, have been complaining about poor speeds and high latency caused by network capacity constraints.

The doubling of the ADSL usage limits of Afrihost’s capped subscribers is widely seen as the reason for the network congestion.

Afrihost director Greg Payne said that they are aware that their ‘South region’ needs additional capacity. Telkom was supposed to install this capacity in March, but this did not happen.

“We are waiting for Telkom to install this capacity and have been told it will be installed by 10 April,” said Payne.

“To alleviate this ad-hoc ‘step change’ when increasing capacity, we are installing 10Gbps IPC infrastructure in multiple regions which will allow us to increase capacity as and when we need it in future to avoid these type of delays.”

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Afrihost ADSL performance problems addressed