WhatsApp image generation AI getting major update

WhatsApp is rolling out live image generation as part of its AI assistant feature.

Meta announced this on Thursday evening, along with the debut of their new AI model, Llama 3.

The Meta AI assistant was launched on WhatsApp late last week, sparking some controversy on social media.

Users interact with Meta AI as they would with any other chat on WhatsApp.

When in conversation with the assistant, users can chat as if they were chatting to a person.

They can then enter prompts such as “Imagine”, which will trigger the assistant to generate images.

Meta uses the example of “Imagine a soccer game on Mars.”

As users type the description of their “Imagine” prompt, the image will “change with every few letters typed, so you can watch as Meta AI brings your vision to life.”

Meta mentions that its AI image generation is now “sharper and higher quality” and is better at understanding text.

Users can also ask the Meta AI assistant to animate the image, turning it into a GIF.

The Meta AI image generator is also available as a web app. However, it is currently only being rolled out in the US.

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WhatsApp image generation AI getting major update