Nedbank MasterPass misinformation – what you need to know

When a Nedbank client recently tried to buy a kitchen appliance from Takealot, they found themselves unable to pay for it as they could not authenticate the transaction.

There appeared to be a problem at either the bank or MasterCard’s authentication system, 3D Secure.

The client’s private banker said they must install Nedbank’s new MasterPass app as a solution. A call to the bank’s contact centre yielded the same advice.

After explaining to the agent that it should not be necessary to download an app to shop online, 3D Secure authentication started working.

Nedbank said a problem could have been caused if 3D Secure was down at the time. However, that would have been a problem on Takealot’s side, not Nedbank’s.

“The way Nedbank’s e-commerce merchants are set up, the customer uses 3D Secure and Nedbank’s security technology, “Approve it”, to complete a transaction,” said the bank.

MasterPass currently works in the same way when a Nedbank card is loaded in the digital wallet.

However, Nedbank confirmed that you don’t need MasterPass, or even a smartphone, to shop online with your credit card.

Nedbank MasterPass Android app
Nedbank MasterPass Android app

“All the MasterPass app does is allow the customer to capture their details once into a secure digital wallet and make purchases using their phone on e-commerce sites that are enabled for it by scanning a QR code linked to the purchase value,” said Nedbank.

“This removes the need to have the physical card on you when shopping.”

Regarding the misinformation from its staff, Nedbank said that MasterPass is still a new product.

“There may be some mixed messages in the system,” said Nedbank.

It denied that it was trying to aggressively encourage clients to install its MasterPass app.

“Nedbank is rolling out a number of customer value propositions using mobile payment technology that will introduce more flexibility to the customer and the merchant in various industries.”

“As more customers become comfortable with mobile payment technology we believe a secure solution backed by Nedbank and MasterCard will be an excellent choice for customers.”

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Nedbank MasterPass misinformation – what you need to know