Safety tips for banking on your smartphone

FNB Head of Smart Devices Kartik Mistry has provided smartphone users with safety tips for banking on their smart devices and online.

Mistry outlined a number of tips to help smartphone users protect their banking details, from antivirus and SIM-swap fraud protection to general guidelines for cellphone banking.

Apps and SIM-swaps

Mistry said users should ensure they are using an official app from a trusted source, as untrusted applications can include malicious software.

Users can detect and remove potential security threats on their smartphone by installing an antivirus application.

Mistry said users can protect themselves from SIM-swap fraud by keeping their device turned on and connected to their mobile network.

FNB Banking App users can also take advantage of the Smart inContact security feature, which allows them to approve banking transactions and verify their device.

Cellphone Banking

Mistry outlined the following tips for customers who use cellphone banking:

  • Memorise your PIN, never write it down or share it.
  • Choose a PIN that is hard to guess.
  • Protect your phone content and personal information by using a PIN or password to access your phone.
  • Do not leave your phone unlocked.
  • Avoid responding to competition SMSs or MMSs.
  • If you receive a phone call requesting personal information, do not respond.

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Safety tips for banking on your smartphone